Success Stories About Real Estate Auctions

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Success Stories About Real Estate Auctions

EPISODE #1 - Joe

“A true story, by Ruth Rowe Campbell at Rowe Realty and

The voice on the other end of the phone sounded angry. He needed to know what his house was worth, and he didn’t want to play games. He said it wasn’t in great shape, but what he really meant was he wasn’t in great shape. Turns out, Joe had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. He’d worked all his life, really wanted a family, but things hadn’t turned out perfectly. The house was paid off, but it needed maintenance, and the taxes kept going up.

The next day, I was at his doorstep, offering a full-service, multiple-listed sale, and, with a real estate auction, we could slash his costs and save him thousands. We prepared the house, listed it for sale, and accepted offers for ten days with competitive bidding. At close of sale, we had forty-three bids from eight active bidders. The final sale price was $49,200 over the list price. The sale was as is, closing in thirty days, and Joe was thrilled. The money was a Godsend to assist with his medical care. Or, he thought he might just buy a motor home and travel. Either way, the sale was fully transparent with no monkey business - a win-win for both the buyer and seller.” - Ruth Rowe Campbell


EPISODE #2 - Sam

“A true story, by Ruth Rowe Campbell at Rowe Realty and

Sam had a lady friend in Florida, met her as a pilot giving flying lessons. So he decided to pack up, cash in his chips and move to the Sunshine State. He needed to sell his longtime home but there was another problem. His late wife had left him with a house full of collectibles, collectibles that cost money, which he wasn’t ready to just donate. So after a quick phone call, I was at his doorstep offering a full service, multiple-listed home sale plus using a real estate auction we could slash his costs, saving him thousands.

We quickly boxed and transported her collectibles for an online auction sale at Then we listed the home for sale, marketed and accepted offers for 11 days, receiving 21 bids from 7 active bidders. Final sale price was $57,500 over the list price. Sale was “as is” with conventional financing closed in 40 days. Meanwhile, we sold his late wife’s collectibles and delivered Sam a check! Knowing her belongings were treated with respect filled him with optimism for the future. And remember his lady friend? She was waiting for him in Florida and together they would fly free. ” - Ruth Rowe Campbell