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Antique Japanese Samurai Sword Set

Antique Japanese Samurai Sword Set

RARE SAMURAI SWORDS:   Rare opportunity to own three Traditional Antique Samurai Swords.  Prior to this unique offering, Swords were received as a gift to an American Officer in Japan after WWII and lovingly stored by owner's family for 75+ years.   Offered as a set, the Swords are extremely sharp steel, heavy and well-balanced with scabbards and tsuba.  These high end and traditionally forged katana's have the the famous Hamon Temper Line.  Descriptions are as follows:  Full length of the Sword with black handle is 93 cm or 36.75 inches; likely Tachi or Katana.  Full length of the Sword with the brown handle is 87.6 cm or 34.5 inches; likely Tachi or Katana.  The handles of both Swords include metal hand guards or Tsuba.  Both handles are wrapped with Menuki insignias, having personal meaning to the sword owner.  Also, small wooden pegs, Mekugi, for securing the Tsuka to the Nakago; see photos.   The full length of the Sword with the curved blade is 83.18 cm or 32.75 inches.  Approximately half the curved Sword is wrapped, with a carved metal cap at the base; see photos.   The owner has original photo(s) and documents to verify an immediate family member serving as an US Army Captain with General MacArthur's occupying forces in Japan during 1945.  The Army Officer befriended Yoshiharu Matsumura of the Nikko Botanical Garden who, according to family lore, presented him with the three heirloom swords from the Matsumura family.  All three Swords have been stored, wrapped and untouched, for 75+ years.  Discover this hidden treasure - centuries old, offered as-is to knowledgeable and discerning collectors. 

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