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Treasures of Time: Rare & Unique Coin Auction

Treasures of Time: Rare & Unique Coin Auction

Step into a realm where history meets numismatic rarity. A journey through time, showcasing an array of coveted coins that whisper tales of bygone eras. Among the treasures, behold the illustrious $5 Coronet Head Gold Coin, a symbol of American prosperity and heritage. Marvel at the pristine PF70 2013 G Britain 1 Pnd Britannia Gold Coin, a masterpiece of British craftsmanship and numismatic excellence. Delve into the early years of American coinage with the 1848, 1837, and 1838 Liberty Head Large Cents, each a testament to the nation's evolving identity. Explore the intricate beauty of Seated Liberty Half Dimes, capturing the essence of 19th-century coin design. And don't miss the chance to own a piece of Civil War history with the New York Civil War Token, a poignant relic of a nation divided yet resilient. Join us for an unforgettable auction experience, where every coin tells a story and every bid unlocks a piece of the past.

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