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Coins Across America - Cents to Dollars!

Coins Across America - Cents to Dollars!

Coins Across America - Cents to Dollars, featuring a vast selection of coins from all denominations. Auction includes both collections and single coins, such as Wheat Pennies, Lincoln Head Pennies, Commemorative Nickel Packs, Buffalo Nickels, Westward Journey Nickels, Jefferson Nickels, Liberty Head Nickels, Roosevelt Dimes, Sacagawea Dollars, Presidential Dollars & Set and much more! From unchecked rolls of coins to graded slabs, our selection is both diverse and impressive. Highlights of our auction include the iconic Buffalo Nickels and the beautiful Westward Journey Nickels, as well as a selection of Presidential Dollars and Presidential Sets. Our Wheat Pennies and Lincoln Head Pennies are also not to be missed, as they represent an important part of American history. Don't miss your chance to bid on these coins, and add them to your own collection. Happy bidding!

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