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Oldies But Goodies! Estate Stamp Collection- Hundreds of Stamps!

Oldies But Goodies! Estate Stamp Collection- Hundreds of Stamps!

Oldies But Goodies! Offered now -  Long Time Philatelists Estate Collection Liquidation! From The Penny Black Stamp to the US 1987 Hunting Permit Stamps. Collection includes: Original Penny Black Stamp with Certificate of Authenticity in album, Signed Hunting Stamps, 1912-1913 Parcel Post stamps 2, 15, 20, 25 & 50 Cent Stamps, Special Handling Stamps, 1911 Registration Stamp, 1943-44 Overrun Countries Series(All 13), 1945 Commemoratives: Florida Centennial, UN Conference, Marines, Roosevelt and Hyde Park, Roosevelt and Little White House, Roosevelt and White House, Roosevelt and Map, US Army, US Sailors, US Coast Guard, Alfred E. Smith, Texas Statehood. 1947 Centenary International Exhibition Sheet, Commemorative Stamps from 1955, 1956, 1958, 1960,  1961, 1964, 1966, 1967, 1971, 1975 & 1976. Harding 2 Cent stamp(1923), 1937 First Day Covers for Territorial Possession Hawaii, Alaska, Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico including 3 cent stamps on each. 1939 First Day Covers for Territories South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Washington including 3 cent stamps on each. Huguenot-Walloon Tercentenary 2 cent stamp with Valley Forge 2 cent stamp on envelope post marked 1924, Tercentenary of Connecticvt 3 cent Postcard(1935), US Air mail 11 cent stationary First Day Cover, UN 11 cent Air mail stationary First Day Cover, US Airmail 6 Cent 1938 Postcard, Harding 2 Cent Stamp on envelope (1923), Sullivan Expedition 2 cent stamp on envelope dated 1929, Battle of White Plains 2 cent stamp on envelope (1926), Great Smoky Mountains Souvenir Sheet 10 cent (1937), Sesquicentennial of the Constitution 3 cent First Day Cover(1937), Centennial of Baseball 3 cent First Day Cover(1939), Augustus Saint Gaudens 3 cent First Day Cover(1940), Third International Philatelic Exhibition 3 cent First Day Cover(1936), Air Mail 6 Cent Stamps(1938), First Flight Air Mail Route 5 cent First Day Cover(1932),  General Pulaski 2  cent First Day Cover(1931), Thomas Edison 3 cent First Day Cover(1947), California Gold Centennial 3 cent First Day Cover(1948) and MUCH More! Don't Miss out! Get your bids in!

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