Rowe Realty Auctions and Appraisal offers real estate and transition solutions. We specialize in serving the unique needs   of people who are going through major life transitions like downsizing or estate settlement.

 How It Works

 We ensure your complete satisfaction through a simple, yet powerful promise: we'll tell you exactly what we're going to do,  when, and how we're going to do it. Then we'll do exactly as we promise.

Downsizing Services

  •  The sale of your current home

  •  Finding you a new home, condo, apartment or retirement community

  •  Sorting, packing, unpacking and moving

  •  Cleaning and preparing your home for sale

  •  Retirement home consulting to help you make the best choice for you

  •  Managing extra or unwanted assets

  •  Getting you completely settled in your new home!

What Our Clients Say

Service was excellent and down to earth. Just keep on being yourself!