Estate Auction - Macedon NY - 7/1/2017

"We had a great time in Macedon, NY on Saturday 7/1/2017 assisting Jason Intini and Ruth Ann Rowe with their auction. Despite all the rain, it cleared up enough for the sale to go on and be a success. Thank you to Jason and Ruth Ann for their hospitality and generosity. Si Harbottle and I had a great time. I look forward to future opportunities. Now I can say I have auctioned and rung in the state of New York! We met some really great people at the auction, including Amish folks from the PA and NY areas. Great people and great to learn about each other. Wayne Yoder and Eli Troyer no #AmishBuggyShotswere consumed at this auction....that I know of. This was truly an #AHAexperience. Auctioneers Helping Auctioneers for those of you outside of the auction world is what AHA stands for. Bringing some treasures back to Texas from the auction. Sad to see the adventure coming to an end, but thankful to be getting back home! #TexasAuctionPro #CAI2019 #Auctionswork #NAAPro"

Doug Bradford - Texas Champion Ringman - Carrollton , TX


10 Reasons to SELL at Auction

  1. Seller controls date of sale. 
  2. Eliminates long term carrying costs.
  3. Reduces seller expenses of sale.
  4. Multiple buyers at time of sale creates competition.
  5. Competition ensures property sells at market value.
  6. Property is sold “AS-IS”; no requests for repairs. 
  7. Eliminates unscheduled showings.
  8. Enhanced marketing to thousands of potential buyers
  9. Brings all the buyers to the table at one time – in one place.
  10. Only sale where price goes UP not DOWN!

10 Reasons to BUY at Auction

  1. Buyer knows exact date and time of sale. 
  2. Buyer knows seller is ready, willing and able to transfer title.
  3. Buyer is competing fairly with other buyers. 
  4. Buyer controls their price – process is transparent
  5. Transparency brings a greater chance of success.
  6. Terms of sale are known and binding to all buyers.
  7. Sale is not dictated by private negotiations or influence. 
  8. Property information, agency and disclosures are available prior to auction.
  9. Buyer has attorney representation and closing dates are considered firm.
  10. Keys are delivered to the buyers at closing!


What Our Clients Say

We were impressed with the promptness and thoroughness! I would definitely recommend you or use you again!